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A Day In The Life Of A Sheriff's Deputy

When we decided we wanted to produce a couple of shows highlighting law enforcement in our community, Joe immediately mentioned brining his neighbor, Brandon, onto the show. Brandon has been a sheriff's deputy with the VBSO for roughly 7 years and is an all around great guy to talk with. He has a profound respect for the work he does and the community he serves doing it and it shows in his interview.

In this episode, Brandon talks about the things he loves and the things he struggles with working in his career. What struck us both was that the most difficult part of Brandon's job isn't working with inmates, it's the time spent away from his family. As veteran's who had served overseas, we both knew exactly how Brandon feels. We don't want to spoil the episode, so check out the stream below.

We can't thank the VBSO enough for giving Brandon permission to come on our show and discuss his line of work. These guys really work behind the scenes supporting our city in ways a lot of us wouldn't care to. We welcome any opportunity to have the VBSO as guests on our show in the future to talk more!

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