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The Hampton Roads Experience: Why Are We Doing This?

Where do we start when we talk about podcasts? We have no experience in broadcasting as Mike is a mortgage lender and Joe is a Realtor. Both of us have listened to podcasts for sometime and had wanted to podcasting into our businesses. One thing we did not want to do was create another boring podcast that focuses on real estate and mortgages. That information is readily available on the web and you certainly don't need to listen to either of us talk for 30+ minutes about a subject you will only deal with maybe once every 5-10 years in your lifetime.

So up pops the idea of the Hampton Roads Experience. A podcast about you. We decided to format our show in a way that we peer into your life and learn about what you do for a living and for fun. Nobody in the region has done it yet, and everything you see promoting Hampton Roads typically is geared towards tourists, or the military. We are more than just that. In the Hampton Roads Experience, we talk to locals from all walks of life. Each episode will focus on a topic relevant to our guest with a fun, 20-30 minute interview. Yes, we also have a little real estate and mortgage information thrown in. Here's the difference though, its only 5 minutes worth of material and we answer questions on real estate and mortgages from listeners that email in. So even our little bit on real estate and mortgages are centered on you, the listener.

So please, give us a listen and if you like what you hear, subscribe. We are every major streaming service such as iTunes and Spotify, and you can even catch us on the free apps like Breaker and RadioPublic.

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