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Episode 3- Janet Rosson- Tou Strong Fund

When Mike and I were sitting down to think of topics we'd like to talk about and guests we'd like to interview for those topics, one of my first ideas was responsible pet ownership and rescue. My wife and I have always been big on adopting rescues and I felt it was an important topic that we should discuss. The first person that came to my mind to talk about this topic was Janet Rosson.

I met Janet around 2012 when my wife and I were looking to adopt another dog. We were introduced to Janet by ART (Animal Resources of Tidewater), and Janet introduced us to this mangled little Beagle name Tennessee Jed (Grateful Dead song for those of you wondering). We immediately hit it off and became great friends over the years, bonding over dogs and great music! Janet has one of the largest hearts I know and will literally do anything to help animals in the region including the creation of a fund to help our fellow pet lovers with bills they might not be able to cover to save their furry friends.

In episode 3, which airs later this week, Janet discusses a wide variety of pet topics including vaccinations, spay and neuter, rescue resources, low cost clinics, and the Tou Strong Fund. This is a great episode for anyone who loves animals, wants to get involved in rescues or just needs some resources to help out. Look for the episode to air 02/28/19 and check the resources below that Janet has provided for our listeners.

Assistance funds: Tou Strong Fund (senior and terminally ill pets): To apply for help: Animal Resources of Tidewater medical assistance fund: Paws in Need – emergency fund: SPAY HR: Low cost clinics: Virginia Beach SPCA: Norfolk SPCA: Chesapeake Humane: Portsmouth Humane: Suffolk Humane: No More Chasin Tails: PETA: PAWS clinic: Affordable Veterinary Services: PADS – Pet Affordable Dentistry and Surgery: Places to look to adopt: Norfolk Animal Control and SPCA: Virginia Beach Animal Control and SPCA: Chesapeake Animal Control: Chesapeake Humane: Portsmouth Humane: Animal Aide Society: Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter: Suffolk Animal Control / Humane: Isle of Wight: South Hampton County: Heritage Humane: A list of some other groups: Rehoming your pet tips:

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