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Something In The Water

Updated: Jun 8, 2019

A few months ago we heard that Pharrell was going to kick off the end of April with his inaugural festival Something In The Water. Instantly, Mike and I became excited. While Hampton Roads has a lot to offer in the way of festivals and events, this was something different. This is a full blown music festival with some serious acts to draw in large crowds to the Oceanfront of Virginia Beach!

The idea of rebranding the current college weekend that occurs seems like a great idea. In the past, businesses at the Oceanfront had shut down in anticipation of trouble, and the weekend earned itself a negative reputation for the incidents that have occurred in the past. We are hoping this year that Something In the Water changes all that. We see it as an opportunity for the city and businesses to profit considerably and welcome festival and its attendees back for future events.

Since the episode aired earlier this week, Something In The Water has already sold out! Hotels are booked up and the city is now trying to organize some mode of transportation by use of city school buses. It will be interested to see how the city and festival manage to work out the logistics of this festival. We are sure there will be hiccups as there are at every inaugural festival, but with a little planning and some contingencies in place, we are sure everyone will be satisfied by the end of the festival.

Check out the episode below and let us know what your thoughts are about Something In the Water! If you plan on attending we'd like to get you on the show afterwards to discuss your experience at the festival. For more information about Something In The Water, visit

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