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Bad credit is a situation that is a lot more common in this country than people probably think. Being that we are a real estate agent and a mortgage lender, Mike and I thought it would be a great to have a discussion about credit. A lot of times we meet with customers who are dealing with this issue and aren't sure how to correct it. This episode is all about taking the steps to fix your credit.

SOS Credit Solutions is the team you need in your corner. From talking with Stephanie, you can tell she takes her role seriously and brings a lot knowledge to the table. She gets bonus points for being hilarious as well. On the episode she shares her own personal story of how bad credit affected her life which led her to get into the credit repair business. She discusses the steps you need to take to get your credit back on track, the time you can expect it to take to repair, and how you need to prepare to pay bills in order to make things right.

Credit repair isn't for everyone. There can be extenuating circumstances where greater solutions are needed. Motivation is a key factor to credit repair and Stephanie will tell you up front, if you aren't ready to run the marathon with her then this program isn't for you. We had a lot of fun talking with Stephanie and definitely look forward to bringing her back on the show sometime in the near future!

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